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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tomato Coconut Soup


1.Tomato- 5 Nos. Medium
2.Coconut Milk -1/2 coconuts Milk
3.Carrot-2 Medium
4.Lemon Juice-1 Medium Lemon
5.Curry leaf- 1 Clove
6.Salt to Taste


Grind Tomato and Carrot well in a mixer grinder to paste with little water. Add water, curry leaf and boil. Strain out the juice and leave it in small flame. Add coconut milk, salt and lemon juice. Serve hot. Sufficient for 3 people.

Beetroot Soup


1.Beetroot -4Nos (medium size)
2.Tomato – 4 Nos.
3.Corriander Leaves- 25 to 30 gms
4.Cumin Powder– 5 gms
5.Water- 1 Litre
6.Salt to taste

Cut Beetroots and Tomatoes into small pieces. Boil items 1 &2 in water. When fully cooked smash the vegetable well and strain out. Then add cumin powder, salt and boil the soup for five minutes. Chop item 3 and spread over it. Serve hot. The soup is sufficient for 4- 5 people.