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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kanji (Porridge)-The Simple Meal of Keralaites

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Kanji is a humble food of Keralaites. This is popular in villages of Kerala. Government schools of Kerala are giving Kanji as lunch for school children along with Green gram Puzhukku. You cannot find a single house / or person in Kerala who had not taken Kanji as a meal in one way or other in his life.

The main ingredient of Kanji is different forms of Rice mainly Puncha ari, Kaikutthari, Nediyari, Podiayri, Navara Ari and Pachari. It can be whole rice or broken rice or raw rice or half boiled or full boiled rice.

Keralaites were consuming rice traditionally. Rice porridge is the base food whether he is a king or a Kissan. Kings may be using Milk based porridge with traces of ghee. Ordinary people was using it with or without salt. Kanji plays a big role in Keralaites daily life during Birthdays, first meal for feeding infant, eclipse day, many festival days and Ramzan fasting days. Keralaites makes different kinds of porridges to the selected occasions.

Doctors prescribes kanji as a light meals to patients because it gets digested well and fast. Ayurveda has given great importance to various herbal porridges.

Mean people or with poor moral ethics are also sarcastically referred as Kanji.

The variety of rice : Except item number six all are boiled rice.

1.Puncha Ari –(Puncha Rice)
2.Kaikutthari-(Home Made Rice)
3.Nediyari-(Whole Rice)
4.Podiari-(Broken Rice)
5.Navara Ari(Rice with Bran)
6.Pachari (Raw Rice)

These are the popular Kanji food in Kerala. Minor variations may be their in region to region.

Ordinary Meal

3.Pal Kanji
4.Thengapal Kanji
5.Cheru Payar Kanji
6.Butter Kanji

Medicinal Kanji

2.Nombu Kanji
8.Nava Dhanyakkanji.

Non-rice Kanji
1.Chamakkanji (Millet)
2.Gothambu Kanji (Wheat)

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