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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pazhankanji - Old Porridge

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Pazhankanji - Old Porridge


1.Plain Rice-200gms
2.Water-1.5 Litre
3.Coconut Milk- 2 cups
4.Crush Hot Green Chilli-2 to 3Nos

Boil water,add washed rice and cook preferable in a mud pot. Do not cook the rice to become very soft. Drain out the water from it and make the rice dry in small flame until the rice get start crackle. Do not put spoon or hand inside the pot and stir.
Keep this boiled rice pot till morning in an upper level hanger like uri.

Add Coconut Milk. Add salt to taste. Consume cold. Ideal for every one. Consume with pickle or Coconut chutney. Serves two persons. This was a breakfast for Keralaite some years back. It can be made from left over rice too. This is a cool dish.

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