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Friday, July 23, 2010

Nava Dhanya Kanji-Nine cereal Kanji

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Nava Dhanya Kanji-Nine cereal Kanji

1.Plain Rice-250gms
2.Water-1.5 Litre
3.Uzhunnu (Black Gram)-50 gms
4.Muthira (horse Gram)-50gms.
5.Kadala (Black Channa)50gms
6.Cherupayaru (green Gram)50 gms.
7.Uluva (Fenugreek)-1tsp.
8.Chama.(Millet)-50 gms

Boil water, add washed rice to it and cook until it become soft.
Then cook items 3 to 8 at a time. Mix it with rice and cook for some time. Serve hot for three. This preparation is good for people with rheumatic complaints.

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